Peak Oil Anarchy

Peak Oil is indisputable, inevitable and -- probably -- imminent. As the Cheap Oil era ends & oil supplies grow ever more scarce, our consumerist, earth-eating economy will go into convulsions & industrial civilization will teeter on the brink of collapse. Best be prepared! Peak Oil could herald a Golden Age of Anarchy. In Leviathan's ashes, we could create new decentralized communities of mutual aid, solidarity against oppression, & egalitarian harmony. May this be a map to the terrain ahead!

Friday, March 10, 2006

* Radicollapse *

A new discussion group called "Radicollapse" has entered the Internetherworld! The purpose? To "discuss strategies to seize liberation & RADICAL cultural change from COLLAPSE of centralized authorities, industrialism & corporate empire!"

From their info page:
This list emerged from desire to continue a discussion started at the 2006 Earth First! Winter Rondezvous in South Florida. Serious threats to large-scale hierarchical civilization include peak oil, climate chaos, ecosystem destruction, depletion of natural & mineral resources, agricultural unsustainability, and infectious diseases like bird flu. The crisis in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the speed with which local governing authorities can collapse, as well as the power of grassroots decentralized organizing to unite communities & successfully meet the needs of people. What can radical environmentalists & social justice activists learn from that situation, and others? How can we prepare ourselves & our communities for local collapse, and for wider systemic failure? What possibilities for liberation and radical cultural change might open up, that we could seize from the jaws of collapse? How do we fight reactionary groups or authoritarian / capitalist institutions who will exploit collapse for their own divisive & repressive purposes? Are there any circumstances (i.e. to stop global warming or end an unjust war) in which strategic action to accelerate or induce collapse may be desirable? These are some of the issues that we may want to discuss...
Folks can join their discussion by sending a blank e-mail to or by going here.


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