Peak Oil Anarchy

Peak Oil is indisputable, inevitable and -- probably -- imminent. As the Cheap Oil era ends & oil supplies grow ever more scarce, our consumerist, earth-eating economy will go into convulsions & industrial civilization will teeter on the brink of collapse. Best be prepared! Peak Oil could herald a Golden Age of Anarchy. In Leviathan's ashes, we could create new decentralized communities of mutual aid, solidarity against oppression, & egalitarian harmony. May this be a map to the terrain ahead!

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Plague Upon Eden

Such a spectacular and magnificent entity is the planet we call Earth, a wonderment of natural beauty and symbiotic balance yet to be surpassed by the creative genius of humankind. It is a planet teeming with the colors of life, its oceans and continents gems of existence, an overabundance of beating hearts and flowing energy. The planet we call our only home is a living, breathing, dynamic cocktail of universal energy, for billions of years spinning and molding itself according to the laws and realities of science, adapting, shifting and shaping itself through the long days of darkened chaos and the unmistakable genesis of light, becoming, through the slow processes of evolution, the eventual home to millions of life forms, encompassing a wide range of periods, extinctions and eras of flourishing order...

Not satisfied with the level of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions spewed by the world today, blinded by the quest to further our comfortable, gluttonous ways, we continue pushing the increase of carbon, oil and gas consumption ever more, with the worst culprit of them all, the United States - which has five percent of the world’s population yet produces twenty-five percent of all worldwide carbon dioxide emissions - seeking to control all remaining gas and oil fields, all the while fighting the international community over the principles of alleviating global warming, its purpose the continued expansion of its voracious economy and by implication, its greenhouse gas emissions. Captured by greed, industrialized nations of the north seek to maintain comfort and privilege; meanwhile, developing nations seek the treasures and lifestyles of the north. Combined, both north and south will achieve only misery, meager subsistence and a future of dastardly consequences.

Today we are becoming aware what our manipulation of climate and atmosphere is accomplishing, yet the biggest beasts on the planet, China and India, have yet to fully enter the carbon dioxide delivery business. Slowly they are integrating their economies, and rapidly they are consuming vast sums of carbon, oil and gas, growing at tremendous speed, every day releasing greater amounts of gasses. When the day arrives, when both nations are at emission levels comparable with or greater than present day America, the planet will invariably be set on course to a future untenable and devastating, the future of humanity compromised and threatened. For fossil fuels are the devil’s excrement and slowly, yet surely, China and India’s addictions to these sources of energy grow, creating, though not yet visible, Hell on Earth, a place entirely of our own making, birthed through our ignorance and voracious plague-like appetite, rising from the only home we have to unleash devastation upon the human race.

If history proves anything, it is that humankind always follows a certain path, never deviating, always leading to death, destruction and the lack of vision. It shows that forethought is but an afterthought, that today is much more important than tomorrow and that securing the next two, three or five generations is not as important as realizing the immediate, short-term wants and needs of present-day humans. An alteration of cataclysmic proportions of both human psychology and enlightenment would be needed to reverse the seemingly inevitably drive toward self-destruction we are headed towards. Global warming must somehow be halted and contained, yet its momentum is only growing, resembling that of a runaway freight train. The destruction of the last vestiges of forest and jungle, including the last patches of animal habitat, must be stopped.

Humanity must learn to live in harmony with Earth and its living organisms, understanding the balance and synergy inherent in all of the planet’s mechanisms. Our actions must be understood for what they are doing, and a vision of the future must be implemented, choosing to save our children rather than condemning them to a life harsh, dangerous and full of misery. A new human enlightenment must rise from our collective conscious, transforming the way we live and behave, giving birth to an awareness of the interconnectedness of all living energies, whether organic or those mechanisms of the planet. Whether we heed the warnings or alter our destructive path in time to reverse the seemingly irreversible is entirely up to us, of course, yet, given our easily decipherable history and predictable psychology, the odds are not in humanity’s favor. History is the greatest witness to our inabilities, errors, demons and weaknesses.

If world history were a 24-hour clock, human existence would only comprise the last couple of minutes, yet in that minimal amount of time we have unleashed devastation upon the lands and creatures of the planet. In those few minutes we have gutted the lands of a once pristine terrain, claiming for ourselves everything and anything, whether living or not, that lies on or below the surface...We now find ourselves impotent to the forces, unleashed by us, which in the coming decades will rid Earth of the malignancy afflicting Her natural beauty, thereby returning balance and interconnectedness and normalcy back to a most beautiful Garden of Eden. [by Manuel Valenzuela] Read the complete essay

[POA comment: A strange reality indeed it is that our species has "evolved" into myopic assassins of Eden, converting the Garden's life-sustaining natural abundance and awesome beauty into figments of mechanized "wealth" designed merely to sate the sheeple momentarily as devastation rages on. If the creation myth that monotheists teach is true, and God really did expel our early anscestors from Eden's Garden, why did He not create a way to keep us from storming back in and tearing Her to shreds? What forgotten trauma does this myth conceal? Could it be that humans are not the plague on Eden, but our civilization is? Does the myth simply mask our own dispossession and annihilation of tribal and aboriginal cultures, who dared to reject our God and way of being? History proves the doom of all civilizations, but the vast majority of cultures did not choose to become civilized. Only in our age have we attained the Godlike ability to take doom to its ultimate ecocidal extreme...]


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